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Going Straight by Fred LemonFred Lemon is a man I’ll never forget.  In 1983 he was preaching at the Luis Palau “Mission to London”.  I remember this because I was in a big tent in Clapham Common listening to him tell his story.

Fred was an ex-prisoner and had accepted Jesus as Saviour when he met Him in his prison cell.  A few days earlier I had turned from atheism and accepted Jesus as my Saviour, but I hadn’t met Him in the way Fred Lemon had.  I was amazed at his story.  This man reinforced my decision to turn my back on atheism.  I wanted this Jesus that Fred told me about.

My friend, who had been instrumental in my conversion said that he had problems accepting Fred’s story.  I had no problem with it what-so-ever.  Jesus is alive, so why shouldn’t He appear to people if He chooses to?

Breakout by Fred Lemon

Nearly 30 years later, I still haven’t met Jesus in the way Fred met Him, not many do.  But I know Jesus, and I know that one day I am going to meet Him the way Fred did.  I’m looking forward to that day, but while I’m waiting I’ll serve Jesus with great joy here on earth.

What happened to Fred Lemon?

I have had a look on Google for more information about Fred Lemon, but there is very little to find. I can only presume that Fred is in paradise now. If you have any information about Fred I’d love to hear from you.


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  2. I was a Prison Visitor at Dartmoor prison in 1959, and have quite a story to tell you about Fred Lemon. However it is a lengthy and remarkable story which I would like to send you as an attachment to an email. It is too long for the confines of this rather small blog. I am sure you will thrill to it, as I will in the retelling of it.. John J. Jones. Plymouth, Devon

    • I would love to read your story, Fred was my father and it would be nice to put what you have to say in our family history file on Dad, for his Great Grandchildren to read in years to come. If thats ok with you.
      God Bless you.

    • I would really like to know the story of when Fred Lemon was introduced to Jesus by another man when they entered his prison cell.

      Thank you.

      David Gentle

    • Please could you send me the attachment regarding Fred Lemon, it was a book of Fred’s that led me to the Lord many years ago. I have often wondered what happened to Fred in his later years.

      God Bless,
      Denis Kirkham >

    • HI
      I remember meeting Fred in Aberdeen in the early eigthies when he came to speak at the a Police Christian event. I know it is some 4 years since you wrote your e mail, but if you have a copy of your account I would be so pleased to read it. What a remarkable servant of Jesus.

    • Please send me an attatcent of your story involving Fred on Dartmoor in 1959.His story effected myself and a friend of mine whilst we were at Teen Challenge Duns in a powerful way.

    • Please could you send me the attachment in an email. I knew Fred from the time I was a Member of the Methodist Central Hall in the 1950’s. I attended his funeral service in 1999. There were several Prison Chaplains and Prison Officers at the service some of whom testified to Fred’s great work with ex offenders and some prison inmates.

  3. My Grandad, John Sams was good friends with Fred, He and my Grandma would do the music ministry at some of the meetings he held. I met him a number of times as a child but I don’t remember a lot although my Grandad still tells me stories of Fred and their meetings.

    • Hi June,

      Did your father, Fred Lemon, ever tell you re the story when he met Jesus in his prison cell? I understand that another man who came in with Jesus introduced him to Fred. If you know this story, I would be grateful if you would sent me details.

      Thank you,

      David Gentle

    • I have spoken about fred at huntercoume Prison where I believe he once preached I wold love to hear from you love jan

    • It is wonderful that your father got saved, did you?

      I do NOT believe that he met the Lord Jesus personally. The reaon is that NO such appearence is recorded in scripture. Paul’s experience was “a great light”, quite different from just meeting someone!

      Matthew 24 insists that the Lord’s coming will be something far more than him just coming into his cell or living room etc. So I do NOT believe this story.

      One big question I have, did all Fred’s children get saved? Also, which group of saints did he gather with, Baptists, Pentecostals, Brethren?

      I am very concerned about this issue as my mother in S. Devon believes the Lord visited her as well. I refuse her story.

      Kind regards,

      Jerry Mott

    • I used to live in Southampton ,and perhaps you know my friends Bob & Collette Light? Christian outreach workers in Swaythling for some years now?
      I would love to you lunch and hear more about your dad sometime if you ever felt comfortable to meet and share fellowship. Your dads story braught me and my Irish mate to tears one afternoon reading part of it out loud together it spoke so clearly into our own lives and how much we needed and wanted the same transforming encounter with Jesus in our lives. Subsequently we both have experience just that since that day four years ago. I’m sure my mate Colin would second my applause of your Dads ministry and service to the Lord. I wish I couldv chatted to him in his fruit n veg shop about it all back in the day. Bless you. Simon Rivers


  5. Hi, I have just been talking to my mum about your dad’s book. My grandad read it many years ago and became a Christian through it, just before he died. My mum is reading it now and then will pass it on to me.

  6. I was a Met police officer and along with many officers, of all ranks, knew Fred as a friend. I stayed with him and Doris in their home in Southampton and he stayed with us in London. he was the same in the home as on the platform speaking. Though living in Australia when he went to be with his Lord I missed him and felt a sense of loss. One big, humble, genuine man of God.

  7. I was a bad lad in the mid eighties and was incarcerated in a boys home called North-brook School in Exeter, Fred came to give us a talk about his wayward life and his experiences as a convict, and the eventual realization that his life could change after the meeting with angels at his lowest time, in that hell hole they called Dartmoor. He touched my life that day and was a constant reminder to me that there could be a different path to be taken at my darkest times, I am 46 years old now with a beautiful family, a good job, and a future, and although the real catalyst for the change in my life is my wife, Kids, and hard work, I will never forget his story, God bless you Fred, I will never forget your name. I am not religious, but I believe in the power of people changing for the good, all we ever really want in life is love and happiness.

  8. My mum got to know Fred’s amazing sister, and we would pick her up every Sunday morning, in the early 1980s, to take her to church, as she lived 100 yards down the road from us in Woodford Green, Essex. Hers, too, became a wonderful testimony.

  9. I have just finished Freds book Breakout. What an amazing and beautiful book. I am hoping to read his others and as I understand his wife wrote a book too. This book is a hidden treasure and has really helped me.@June Lemon your dads faith is still touching lives today. Xx

    • David, yes Dad did tell me the story and he said the other two who came into the prison cell with Jesus were angels, the story is written in Dad’s books

  10. I heard Fred share his testimony in 1979 whilst I was an inmate at Portland Borstal. On the 10th May 1984 I was converted to faith in Christ whilst in Stafford Prison. I remember Fred and his testimony of having seen Christ with his own eyes. I was a little doubtful of that possibility, until the day it pleased the Father to save me for Himself.

  11. I was a Prison Visitor at Dartmoor prison when Fred came to faith in Christ, and I can testify that prisoners and prison staff alike were amazed at the transformation that took place in his life. He really was a living testimony to the power of the risen Christ to change people’s lives. He spent a glorious weekend with my wife and I, and brought along two tear- aways who were running away from the police. Fred then took them back to his own home so that he could “tell them all about Jesus”. Christ was so real to Fred, and he was a living testimony to the change that faith in Christ can produce. I bow my head in gratitude to God for the day i first met Fred Lemon. John J. Jones

  12. I have some recordings of Fred preaching and praying. My Grandad gave them to me on tapes from his time with Fred. I can convert them to MP3 if anyone would like a copy, feel free to email me at

  13. I met and heared Fred’s Testimony in The Glass house Colchester(1988),It brought me to realise my need for Jesus,it took a while for all of the lords plan to work through,as he’s still working today,but i’ll always be eternally greatful for Fred’s story and i’ve since given his Book to many people whom i’ve since had the pleasure to tell my testimony.
    Thanks for the news x

  14. Hi, I am Fred’s daughter and loved reading all your comments. My Dad went to his reward in 1999, he is still missed so much by me and all his family. So thankyou all for your lovely words.

  15. Hi, I became a Christian in May of 1987. Sometime in 1998, Fred came to Clacton on Sea and gave his testimony to a full house at the Princes Theatre in the Town Hall. Just before it started one of the choir who were also present, was taken ill and someone called an ambulance. I was in the Foyer where this happened and I can remember how upset, angry even, Fred was when he heard this. He said those who were Christians (there were a large number of local clergy present too)should have gathered round and laid hands upon the man and he would have been healed. I can remember the marked effect this had on me. Fred was a man of very strong conviction. He knew the Lord and wanted everyone else to come to believing faith in our Saviour. I know that many were converted that night after hearing Fred’s testimony. My condolences to those of you who are related to him, but without doubt, he is with his Lord and I look forward to seeing him again – in the Lord’s time. If anyone still has a copy of John’s Story – see entry on 3rd September 2013 – if possible. My email is – Peter Howard

  16. iv heard about fred from my mentor Ron Simms.fred for worded Ron’s first book called flying free.
    it’s brought a tear or few (of Joy) to my eyes reading all these comments GOD BLESS YOU ALL. AND to Fred’s family he was a 1in a million dimond

  17. I’m sat without Ron Sims a friend and fellow preacher of Fred , were talking about Fred and I’m
    Just about to watch a video of Fred and Ron Preaching

    I’d like to get Fred and Rons books reprinted and back out there , I’d distribute them for free in the prisons

    Can Fred’s children give me the ok ?

    My email is

  18. Hi
    I remember buying a copy of Fred Lemons testimony in the early 80’s.
    It was in my early years of becoming a christian. I would buy copies of his tape and pass them around.
    His story really touched me.

    Does anyone know if the tape is still available. I have been looking for a copy but can;t find it anywhere on the net. I met Fred once at Greenbelt Christian arts festival in the early 80’s too. A wonderful humble brother. I would love to purchase a cpy of his tape again

  19. I was a Member of the Central Hall Methodist Church in Southampton in the 195’s when Fred came to join us with his wife Doris, We knew of his background and conversion. He worked for a while at the Joseph Rank Flour Mill in Southampton Docks before he became a greengrocer in Woolston. He was an amazing manned a wonderful Christian, I went to his funeral service in a little evangelical Church in Sholing in Southampton. He was faithful

  20. I had dinner and tea with Fred in 1987, all at Ron Sims house in Hartley Witney, with Gypsy John.
    Fred was speaking in the evening at Aldershot Kings Church (think it was Aldershot) I’ll never forget when Fred prayed, it was like Jesus was stood next to him. What a privelidge. An amazing man.

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