A Work In Progress

I guess I ought to introduce myself, well I’m Trevor and the  reason for this post is to encourage and build up you the readers by declaring what God has done for me and through me for the sake of others for Gods own will and purpose and pleasure.

The only thing that I have done is to open up a door and invite the Lord Jesus into my life when he called….why he called a wretch like me is beyond my understanding…..so therefore I put all my trust and hope in him, this is……….. my faith, and as I come to know Him more and know His ways so I come to know who he always intended me to be.

We were -” all mankind”, made in Gods own image after all, each and every one of  us unique that is alive and not, and yet to be born. Born into a  fallen world we were.  Adams curse was upon us at our very first breath and we were then forged into someone by the people we relied upon and knew, and the environment where we would live.  We were all as far from God as anyone could be.

Then came Jesus to right the wrong that was done in the garden of Eden it was Gods plan all along, something that no ordinary human being could do.

It took God to be born as fully man, to humble his Godly self and become completely obedient to our Father in heaven even until death on the cross that he did willingly lay down his life for the redemption of all sin in the world…yesteryear…today and tomorrow the perfect sacrifice, once and for all.

Three days later Jesus rose victorious, death could not keep him for only sin leads to death and Jesus although tempted in every way never sinned.  He was spotless and with out blemish. In him was no darkness at all.

This is the defining moment in any Christians life to know this knowledge, to believe and accept that Jesus is their own personal  Lord and saviour.

Well it took me 46 years of my life to hear the call. I was a ground worker at the time and did a journeys course in a local church, which is watching other peoples testimonies, how God has changed their lives, on dvd, and three weeks later I can remember laying in the bath which happens to have a lot of bubbles if you have to picture the scene……..chuckle! Anyway it was then that I opened the door, I undid all the bolts and turned the handle and I just felt this overwhelming feeling of joy come over me and I wept.

At that moment I was given a new heart and Gods living essence, the third person in the trinity, the Holy Spirit now resides within me. My eyes were opened and I now feel very different. So my journey with the lord has now started and I’m going to be re-forged from the person that I had become to the very person my God has always intended me to be.

I am a work in progress for sure and when God looks down on each of us that believe in his Son, he can see the end result which is……. just perfect. Well now, some three and a half years later into my walk with our Lord, I feel prompted to share with you some of the journey, to testify and witness to what the Lord has done for me……..how he has changed me from being…………. shy, pessimistic, angry, low self esteem, being born at all, the list goes on but I’m sure you get the idea and I know there are a lot of others that are not as fortunate as I have been. To some one who is now on Jesus’ way to becoming the opposite.  I’ve been given a reason to be thankful and a reason to be.  I’m not saying I feel this way all the time, but that’s just down to how I feel at that moment in time.

I still do things that I shouldn’t and don’t do the things that I should and it is me that distances myself from God and not the other way around.  God loves us period and is ever unchanging. God loves us so much more than all the sins that we have ever committed, enough so, that he would give his only son for us, who had us in mind at his very last breath on the cross so that through him, we can go in confidence to our Father in Heaven.

He is never too busy, never asks us to leave a message after the tone. He is perfect Love and all goodness comes from Him.

This is as good a place as any to round up by just saying that this is where we come in. We opened the door to our Lord and He needs us to hold the door open, and when an opportunity arises by word or deed we can step out.  A diamond in a room of darkness is as good as a cut piece of coal.  It’s not until that diamond steps over the threshold into the radiance of Gods glory…….His light penetrates and shines through every facet. therein lays the beauty and every one on earth is as a diamond to our God……but it is his radiance that shines through us…….so all glory belongs to our God in heaven.

My apologies for grammar  and my thanks to who ever designed spell checker as reading tongues in written form would be a real challenge for interpreters ………..I am a work in progress after all

May God bless you and all your families in all that you say and do, and let us all encourage and build up one and other all for the glory of Our Father in heaven in Jesus precious name amen

yours Faithfully

Trevor  Aworkinprogress …..x


Fred Lemon – Christian Preacher and Evangelist

Going Straight by Fred LemonFred Lemon is a man I’ll never forget.  In 1983 he was preaching at the Luis Palau “Mission to London”.  I remember this because I was in a big tent in Clapham Common listening to him tell his story.

Fred was an ex-prisoner and had accepted Jesus as Saviour when he met Him in his prison cell.  A few days earlier I had turned from atheism and accepted Jesus as my Saviour, but I hadn’t met Him in the way Fred Lemon had.  I was amazed at his story.  This man reinforced my decision to turn my back on atheism.  I wanted this Jesus that Fred told me about.

My friend, who had been instrumental in my conversion said that he had problems accepting Fred’s story.  I had no problem with it what-so-ever.  Jesus is alive, so why shouldn’t He appear to people if He chooses to?

Breakout by Fred Lemon

Nearly 30 years later, I still haven’t met Jesus in the way Fred met Him, not many do.  But I know Jesus, and I know that one day I am going to meet Him the way Fred did.  I’m looking forward to that day, but while I’m waiting I’ll serve Jesus with great joy here on earth.

What happened to Fred Lemon?

I have had a look on Google for more information about Fred Lemon, but there is very little to find. I can only presume that Fred is in paradise now. If you have any information about Fred I’d love to hear from you.

Freedom In Christ Course

I have just completed the first 9 sessions of the Freedom In Christ Course.  If you are a Christian and you have not been on the course I recommend it strongly.  I have been a Christian for over 30 years and this course has given me a new positive appreciation for my relationship with God, and I still have another 4 sessions before I complete the course.

I published a review of “Free To Be Yourself” by Steve Goss which compliments the first part of the course.

Rainbow at Plumpton.

I have just returned from the annual church camp.  I have experienced excellent preaching, exciting, uplifting worship and some wonderful times with my church family.

God gave us a beautiful double rainbow on the first day.  It was the finest rainbow I had ever seen.  I declared it to be a promise of good weather, but one fellow Christian reminded me that the rainbow is a sign of the promise that God would never again flood the whole earth, not that He would provide nice weather.

Sometimes theology is not helpful to the Positive Christian.  The weather was lovely!  Thank you Lord!

Now that the Lord has re-boosted my enthusiasm  I am eager to get something helpful onto this Website.  I pray for the Lord’s guidance and encouragement.