How Much Does God Love Me?

For many years I felt I was an inferior Christian.  Somehow other Christians seemed like perfect examples of what I thought a Christian should be and I just didn’t measure up to that standard.

I would go for days or even weeks without reading my Bible and sometimes as long without praying.  I was supposed to be a Christian but I was very aware of my own sinfulness.  I was sure that other Christians didn’t sin like I did and I was certain that God loved these other Christians because they were so “good”.  I wanted God to love me too!  I was desperately trying to do better so that God could love me, but I just could not live up to this perfect standard.

Today I know that God loves me.  The Bible tells me that God loves me and my personal experience confirms it.  God loves me totally and unconditionally, and he loves YOU in the same way!

There is a couple in our church with seven children.  Do they love one of their children more than another?  Of, course not!  When their seventh child was born did the other six children have to give up some love so that the seventh child could have some?  No!  They love each of their children fully and unconditionally.  God loves you in the same way.

So how can we experience God’s love?

There are many passages in Scripture that explain this, here is one.

Ephesians 3:17-19

God dwells in our hearts through faith.  If we trust Him we will experience His love.

New International Version (©1984)
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;”  Proverbs 3:5

God loves us whether we trust Him or not. His love is totally unconditional, but only through trust can we really experience the love of God.


How Much Does God Love Me? — 7 Comments

  1. I think many many Christians struggle with this. The issue is we have to trust in order to know it. Its easy to say God loves us even when we dont trust him, but if we arent trusting him we cant get the benefit of his love, which is security. If we dont trust God perhaps the real issue is that we dont trust ourselves.

  2. It’s a beautiful thing that we cannot earn God’s love! He freely offers his unconditional love and forgiveness for all who will receive it. He pursues us despite our sins and shortcomings. We are secure in his loving arms as we trust in him.

  3. It is so, so easy to allow the treadmill of religion to take over our relationship with God! As someone who also struggles with performance issues, I know how hard it can be to surrender the lie that there is always something more I can be doing for him.

    But God loves us unconditionally as we are, even while we were still sinners! It’s hard for our human minds to grasp this unequaled love, but it doesn’t change the truth of it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is the one verse that guides me when I want to doubt: I believe and rely on the love of God towards me. I have portrayed the unconditional love of God towards man in my novel Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. I have used the superhero genre to send out this message to get to a wider readership. Check out this book and see how I present this love of the Father towards all men.

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